• Charge on the go network

    Shell's expanding list of charge post partners means their network won’t stand still. Shell is leading the way to make charging easier and available for everyone.


    You get FREE access to...

    • Over 3,050 charge points in the UK (170,000 charge points in Europe).
    • 950 rapid charge points.
    • Rapid charging (50kW-150kW) and powered by 100% renewable energy sources.
    • Ionity with ultra high-power charging (350 kW).
    • 17 partner networks and growing thanks to NewMotion’s interoperability.

  • FREE charge points with your Shell Card

    Shell Recharge

    New Motion

    Alfa Power Charging

    ChargePoint Inc







    Franklin Energy





    Vattenfall UK


  • About Shell Recharge

    Check out everything Shell offers!

    The Shell Card

    The Shell Card uses near-field communication (NFC) technology via an RFID chip that provides access to EV charging locations.


    Using the card for EV charging

    • Hold your Shell card in front charge point to start and stop charging.
    • It can be used across Shell Recharge and third party networks, including all the locations shown above! 

    Get to know Shell Recharge

    Shell’s on-forecourt rapid-charging EV network uses 100% certified renewable energy, providing electric cars with 0-80% charge in 30 minutes.


    With 92 charge points and the ambition to increase the network where it’s needed, Shell Recharge provides fleets with convenient ways to charge their electric cars on-the-go, however far they’re traveling.


    While recharging, you can use the charge time to enjoy the facilities, grab a refreshment and take a well-earned rest.

  • What else do I need to know?

    If you still have more questions, get in touch at info@on.to.


    What do I do if I lose or damage my Shell Card?

    If you lose your Shell Card, please call ONTO immediately on 0800 030 6840 to ensure that the card is blocked from future use and a new card can be ordered for you.


    The charge point does not recognise my Shell Card?

    There are a few possible reasons: The charge point’s RFID reader may not have read your charge card. If the card is tapped too quickly it can be misread. To avoid this, move the charge card across the reader slowly and change the distance between the card and the reader.


    We also recommend taking your charge card out of your wallet when starting/stopping a charge session to avoid “card clash” with other cards in your wallet.


    If you continue having issues with using your card, please contact Shell's Customer Service Centre at 0800 731 31 31.


    If I need help using a charge point, who can I contact?

    If you are at a Shell site and using a Shell Recharge charger please reach out to the in-store retail employees who will help resolve your issue.


    If you have an issue with your Shell Card please contact Shell's Customer Service Centre at 0800 731 31 31.


    If you would like to report an issue regarding a 3rd party charge point: please contact the operator as mentioned on the charge point or Shell Recharge app via the ‘Support’ section.

  • Contact Us

    Email: info@on.to

    24/7 phone line: 0800 030 6840

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