• A nationwide network of rapid EV charging stations

    InstaVolt is one of the largest public rapid networks in the UK, with over 600 rapid charging stations energised or in construction, and more sites added weekly.


    Instavolt was voted best charging network capable of charging multiple brands of electric vehicle for three consecutive years (Zap-Map.com survey 2018, 2019 & 2020)


    You get FREE access to...

    • Enjoy 600+ energised chargers across the UK
    • All rapid or ultra-rapid chargers to ensure you’re back on the road in minutes!
    • All powered by 100% renewable energy sources
    • Located across the UK’s urban, A-road and motorways with nearby amenities 
    • Voted best charging network capable of charging multiple brands of electric vehicle for three consecutive years*

  • FREE charge points with your InstaVolt Card

    Locations include:




    Food and beverage


    Motorway and A road service areas


    Leisure centres and gyms


    Petrol forecourts

  • About InstaVolt

    Industry leading reputation for ease of use and reliability

    Why drivers choose InstaVolt

    Back on the road quickly and easily
    All InstaVolt chargers are rapid or high-powered, with charging speeds between 50kW and 150kW being installed today. Most of the units can be upgraded to delivered faster rates of charging as battery technology develops.


    100% Renewable
    Every electron we dispense is from a 100% renewable source, underpinning our commitment to a cleaner future.


    Class-leading reliability and customer support
    With over 99.5% site-level uptime, InstaVolt is by far the most reliable network in the UK.

    How to use InstaVolt charging stations

    Easy to use RFID card that comes with your Onto car.

    No driver account or registration required.


    1. Tap to start: tap your RFID card on the front of the machine.


    2. Plugin and charge: insert the correct connector into your electric car, and press the “start” button.


    3. Get back on the road: Once your car has reached the desired level of charge, press the “stop” button on the control panel, remove the charging cable and return the cable to its harness.



  • What else do I need to know?

    If you still have more questions, get in touch at info@on.to.


    How can I get my InstaVolt card?

    • If you already have a car or your delivery date is before 17th May, we will deliver the InstaVolt card to your home or company's office for Onto for Business customers. We will try to align this to your next hire agreement. 
    • If the delivery date of your new Onto car is after the 17th of May, we will deliver the InstaVolt card with your car.

    Do I need to pay for InstaVolt?

    No. If you use the RFID card that Onto provides, the price of charging is included in your subscription.


    Please be aware although InstaVolt does not impose a maximum stay, drivers are encouraged to move their vehicle once they have completed a charging session to allow other drivers to charge. Drivers are also advised to adhere to any parking enforcement on the site where the chargers are located. Onto and InstaVolt cannot be held liable for any fines or penalties incurred for failing to obey site-wide parking restrictions.


    Who do I call if I encounter a problem when I'm charging?

    Call InstaVolt free driver support, which is available 24/7 on 0808 281 4444.


    How quick is it to use an InstaVolt charger?

    InstaVolt electric vehicle chargers are all rapid 50kWh+ chargers, capable of adding hundreds of miles of range in minutes.


    What are the benefits of using a rapid charger?

    Using a rapid charger (50kW +) will allow your car to charge at very fast speeds. Depending on the car you have and the charging capacity, you may be able to charge 0 - 80% in under 30 minutes!

  • Contact Us

    Email: info@on.to

    24/7 phone line: 0345 0348 647

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