• The largest public charging network in the UK

    BP Pulse is an ever-growing network that consists of over 8,000 charging points. They have worked with partners and customers to ensure we are placing the right type of chargers in the most convenient locations - whether you are shopping for groceries or staying in a hotel, they've got you covered.

    You get FREE access to...

    • 8,000+ charging points in the UK
    • The network will expand to 16,000 chargers by 2030
    • A further 1,400 150kW chargers planned to be added to the bp pulse network by 2030

  • FREE charge points with your BP Pulse Card

    Over 8,000 public bp pulse points across the UK, including:


    7kW chargers


    Rapid 50kW chargers


    Ultra fast 150kW chargers

  • About BP Pulse

    With over 10 years’ experience in the electric vehicle (EV) space, bp pulse is one of the only companies in the UK to build, operate, install and maintain electric charging points.

    BP Pulse on the go

    Stop worrying about charging: use over 8,000 public bp pulse points across the UK – including our ultra-fast 150kW bp pulse150 chargers.


    Enjoy the freedom of the open road: You'll get an access card and 24/7 365 support.


    Easy to use RFID card that comes with your Onto car: No driver account or registration required.

    How to use BP Pulse charging stations

    1. When you arrive at a BP Pulse unit: tap the screen and select the right cable for your vehicle. Then plug the cable into your car.


    2. On the screen, select RFID card: hold the RFID card provided to you by Onto on the reader.


    3. Then the charging screen will appear, and you are done! To stop charging, follow the instructions on the screen.



  • What else do I need to know?

    If you still have more questions, get in touch at info@on.to.


    Do I need to pay for BP Pulse?

    No. If you use the RFID card that Onto provides, the price of charging is included in your subscription.


    Although you will not pay for the electricity and using the charger, please be aware of any time restrictions or parking restrictions you might encounter at the charging station. If you get any fines or penalties for not following their instructions, Onto will not cover them.


    Who do I call if I encounter a problem when I'm charging?

    Get 24/7 support by calling BP Pulse customer service on 0330 016 51264.


    How quick is it to use an BP Pulse charger?

    In short, it depends. The speed of charging is determined by the power of the charge points (7kW, 50kW or 150kW), your vehicle’s battery size and your vehicle’s charging capacity. The more kW the charging point has, the faster you will be able to charge.


    What if I didn't get a BP Pulse card with my car?

    Please get in touch with us at info@on.to and we will sort this out for you.

  • Contact Us

    Email: info@on.to

    24/7 phone line: 0345 0348 647

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